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Kevin Johnston with Executive Assistant, Megan Murphree

Our Process

Kevin and his team are inspired to help you make smart choices about your money in order to get your entire financial life in perfect order - and keep it that way forever. Through their Team approach, they utilize the collective expertise of subject matter experts in Tax, Legal, Money Management, Insurance, and Financial Planning to help you implement a written financial strategy based on your most important goals and most deeply held values.

A Financial Road Map is created for all clients. This powerful foundational tool provides a unique level of clarity for clients. It is a single document that summarizes their economic goals, the reasons those goals are important to them (their values), and their current position with respect to cash reserves, growth/income assets, debt, and insurance.

We then follow a 3 Meeting Process annually that creates a predictable result, holds you accountable, and ensures you have the highest probability of actualizing your Ideal Life.

Financial Resource Management
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How can I learn more about Values Based Financial Planning?

  • Request a free copy of the book, Values Based Financial Planning

    Roy Disney (Walt’s brother) said “when your values are clear, your decisions are easy.” This book shows how having clarity about your values helps you make better decisions…especially about money.

  • Request a free copy of Kevin’s book Living and Learning – Achieving Retirement and Education Security

    This book is written in a question and answer format, and covers myriad financial topics in an easy to understand manner.