Lee Greene

Lee Greene

Lee Greene, with Executive Assistant, Katie Younts

With more than 20 years of experience in offering financial advice, our asset management process provides a proven system to manage wealth and risk for a select group of clients. This process is founded on several key principles some of which are building mutually beneficial, long-term relationships; being client focused; and being driven by client goals. After understanding your current situation and most important life goals, we develop a unique financial roadmap for you. In developing the roadmap we believe sound financial advice combined with simplicity and achievability bring clarity and security to each situation. Our goal in every case is that you will sleep more soundly!

In building your financial roadmap, certainly the financial numbers are very important and also critical to the process is the ‘why’ of your specific goals and dreams. Why are they important to you? Are they realistic; are they achievable? Do your current actions move you closer to accomplishing these goals? How will you find encouragement to continue working toward these goals when circumstances possibly change and become more challenging? By knowing your situation and what is most important to you we believe we can better help you realize your dreams.

Also necessary in building and monitoring the roadmap is that we know what keeps you awake at night. One of our goals is to add more security and simplicity to your life. Not only do we want you to sleep better because you have a roadmap, we also want you to sleep well along the way. That’s why we promise to give you concierge service by being accessible to you and keeping you informed of your progress. By having consistent contact that is meaningful to you, we can ensure your roadmap stays current.

Right now, do you feel like you are driving your financial life or do you feel sometimes it may be driving you? One of the greatest benefits our clients receive is the understanding they have control over their lives by seeing how their actions move them closer to accomplishing their most important goals.

Is that how you feel? Is that what your current financial advisor is helping you do? If not, why not have a confidential second opinion of your situation? There is no cost and while our process isn’t right for everyone, many of our clients tell us they sleep much better at night!